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Fiorentino Luxury Floral Services - Thessaloniki                                    

A brief flashback to our company in Thessaloniki:

November 1973. Two young people decide to develop their own course in the field of flowers. The flowershop  "Fiorentino" in Thessaloniki Mitropoleos Street 103 is reality. Its founders, Anastasios Avanoglou and John Chortis succeeded in very little time to establish themselves and deciding to go. Thus, in 1980 opened the wholesale nursery in Halkidiki and a few years later the "Fiorentino Warehouse" at Pilaia ,Thessaloniki.

Driven by the recipe of success that already existed in 1988 the "Fiorentino" doing "grande" renovation and manages to be ahead of its time with the new design and new proposals in floral arrangements variety of plants and many more. For more than 20 years until the beginning of 2009, their story was written in the store of the Mitropoleos 103.

In April 2009 the company changed, renewed and son of Anastasis Avanoglou takes its course. The "FIORENTINO Luxury Floral Services" Webmaster is Abraham Avanoglou, ready to follow in the footsteps of "Fiorentino" to support his father, who is next in any professional step. Initially the company moves on the street Chrisostomou Smyrnis 14 and finally the April 1, 2011 opened the brand new store on the street Mitropoleos 82. The continuer of "FIORENTINO Luxury Floral Services", Abraham received the enterprise in the form of a historic store and evolved into a modern company that can cover all the individual sides thereof which are generally called flower. Deeply rooted in the consciousness of the world is the respect for the object, elegance and contemporary design that now meets detail in each composition, decoration, correct maintenance and transport conditions, the consistency and high standards that modern man .

 In the showcase of "FIORENTINO Luxury Floral Services" will always find unique compositions completely different from the previous ones. Driven by the freshness and uniqueness of the floral designer Abraham Avanoglou, suggest ideas inspired by the requirements of the new generation combined with the tradition of 42 years.


"My basic philosophy is the absolute quality, attention to detail
and the emphasis which i give to something so delicate yet so beautiful ....
  a flower.I the expression of your emotions, is the source of my creations
with flowers ... Say it with flowers !!"

Avraam Avanoglou 
Events Manager - Floral Designer

Fiorentino Luxury Floral Services